• Ave. Francisco de Miranda, Edif. Torre Provincial, Piso 4, Oficina 43, Venezuela.


We are a global company, oriented to provide consulting, engineering, supplies, construction, commissioning, operation and project management services in the areas of: Mining, Petroleum, Manufacturing and agro-production.

We have highly trained human talent, suitable machinery and available in Venezuela for short, medium and long-term production to mobilize and process 4,000,000 MT / Year of minerals and any raw materials.

Our Commitment

Servimeca Sand Control

Icomine Limited S.A

We extend our commitment to other companies of the CVG group, Miner, Petrochemical and Carburo de Venezuela, of integration with production management, and with the greater and Complete disposition to jointly review the economic proposals and to formalize the contracts that allow us to increase our investments in the region, in support of the present and future plans of the companies of the Venezuelan State.